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Red Tent Goddess Gathering Moon Lodge

redtentThe Red Tent gatherings support your empowerment journey of self-transformation and allow you to step into your Divine Feminine, your Priestess, and your inner Goddess self.  The power, energy & unified source of light that is present in each circle is guided by Divine Grace & illuminates each women in finding clarity, inner growth, & expansion of the heart. It’s a place to be raw, to be tender, to heal, to bond with other women, to listen wholeheartedly to your sisters in support & compassion & receive each other in wholeness.

Real magic is created when women come together in circle. These ancient practices are filled with lifetimes of wisdom & remind us of the sacredness of the Circle of Life, the Sun, Moon, Stars, and Earth energies. The Red Tent is a place where women can deeply share their personal journey’s in a safe, sacred space. We love, honor & respect one another. We engage in ritual & ceremony. We discover our connection to our moontime and why women’s mysteries are so important.

Be empowered & reclaim your femininity. Listen to your inner voice. Rise up & be the woman that you were born to be. Clear blocks & challenges in your life. Feel supported by your tribe of sisters. It’s time to show up for your life & gain the awareness & wisdom that lies within you. We are as One, learning, living and sharing One Spirit in a Divinely orchestrated, authentic way.

We gather on a monthly basis all in red attire.


Light Ray Energy Healing Session

womanhealingThe Light Ray Energy Healing Session is a rich, peaceful, and revitalizing experience. You will be immersed in the great abundance of Spirit’s guidance, healing, and Divine Love.

This will be a profound inner journey to the truth of your being, connecting to the Infinite Source of Creation. The pure, radiant, energy of Love will be called forth to be of ultimate service to your being to heal and dissolve any blocks, old thought patterns, and heavy energies that inhibit the flow of your life force.

The session may include a combination of Reiki, 12 Light Rays, Aromatherapy, Shamanic Vibrational Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing and Sound Therapy as guided by Spirit to enhance and activate your healing process.

A deep healing at the core level may take place allowing the cellular structure of the physical, mental, emotional, energetic and light bodies to align, making a clear pathway for Grace to flow through. This enhances all areas of your life and often a profound sense of clarity, peace, understanding, upliftment, freedom, expansion of the heart and Spiritual awakening is felt.

As your life energy starts to flow more smoothly, obstacles will begin to clear and lift. Your inner awareness will shift and expand as you establish a deeper connection with the Divine. Your inner magnificence will radiate through to live your highest potential, empowering you to step into your Greatness and live your Divine Mission.


For more information email Veronica from Sacred Divine Goddess at SacredDivineGoddess@yahoo.com or call 224-730-6286.